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Who we are?

Coursesindelhi.com , the largest free career guider beginners in cyber security and AI and ML who want to start there career.

Vision about courses in Delhi

We started coursesindelhi.com with a single motive: to promote easy access to various courses , trending in 2021. 

We help our seekers to find there dream universities/institutes and provide online guidance help them at every step of their career.

About " Courses in Delhi "

Hello and Welcome to Courses in Delhi, the largest free Cyber Security Mentorship and Personal Guider. At coursesindelhi.com, our main goal is to provide cutting-edge helpful Cyber Security and AI ML courses that are easy to understand and most demanding for high paying jobs .
If you’ve ever asked yourself:

How can I become a Certified Ethical Hacker?

How can I do ______ Hacking?

Which Institute is best for CEH Certification ?

How can I become a Data Scientist?

How to start learn Hacking?

What are prerequisites for Cyber security/ Ethical hacking/ AI/ ML?

Or if you have any other questions about your career, then coursesindelhi.com is the Right Place!

Why coursesindelhi.com (Our Story)

Hi, I am the founder of coursesindelhi.com. We started this platform in 2017 for a reason. Actually, before that I am a struggling to become an Ethical Hacker I have tried many platforms and choachings but I wasted my money in bad quality coachings, therefore I decided to make a platform for IT Seekers to make there dream IT jobs easily . We gather knowledge make team of experienced people in there fields and made our company.

What coursesindelhi Provides ?

  • coursesindelhi.com provides best consulting for cyber security training in Delhi NCR and all over India.
  • We also specialized in AI and ML Courses Training consultancy . 
  • We also have best and broad networks in Cyber Security Industry and AI and ML Industries.
  • Therefore we assist you for jobs after course complition.

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