How to Become a Penetration Tester

Who is Penetration Testers?

Penetration testers are the so-called “Ethical hackers,”. who provide us shield from bad hackers Likewise referred to as assurance validators, penetration testers are employed by network system Owners and also web-based application service providers to probe for vulnerabilities that hackers with nefarious intent may be able to manipulate to collect secure data and intelligence.

Ethical Cyber Security Expert perform vulnerability evaluations (together with various other tasks) by exercising their skills as well as understanding as well as actually make money to execute the matching of Cyber Loop holes.


Steps to Become a Penetration Tester

  1. Self Research Analysis:  You have to Do Self Analysis because not everyone can do penetration Testing job. it needs passion, dedication and presence you have to do hard work on it so first decide and check your self and interest that you can do this or not, you have basic ability of penetration testing or not.
  2. Collect Basic Hacking Skills: First of all you must have programming knowledge and good  Networking Understanding so for you can easily understand terms in pentesting courses.
  3. Join Best Institute for PT : Penetration testing called PT in shorts, Most Important thing to become a Penetration Tester is choose right Institute for Penetration Testing Course. We help you in this because we analyzed all India Institutes for Penetration Testing and Bug Bounty for Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking.
  4. Earn Professional Certificate: Therefore final part is Earning Best Professional Certificate so that you can get best skilled and being recognized by Cyber Security Companies, you have to choose a Certificate body like EC-Council.
    EC-Council have a bundle of Certification and Licence courses you can Choose LPT- Licensed Penetration Tester Certification.
  5. Start Earning from Live Bug Bounty: The Last part is gaining Money from skill so that you have to join different platform

How to become a Penetration Tester in India?

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